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Coping with grief

You may have family and friends to help and support you at the time of death. They may help you with the details and decisions of the funeral. You may have no-one to help you, and rely on your funeral director, minister, solicitor, or other professionals. But however many people you do or don’t have around little can prepare you for the grief you may experience. Grief is a normal response to loss. It often brings pain, both physical and emotional. Shock, anger, guilt, regret, numbness and loneliness are some of the feelings which are common.

Many people are affected physically by their bereavement. You may feel unwell and generally very tired and not wanting to be bothered by anybody or anything. Some people cannot sit and become hyperactive. There are many other ways that grief can affect you. The important thing is to recognise that the emotional shock can produce a physical reaction. If you do have a recurring physical problem do make an appointment to see your doctor.

Many bereaved people have ‘heard’ the voice of their loved one, or even believe they have seen them. Such experiences are not uncommon, but do not usually last for many weeks.

Do not be afraid of crying or showing emotion. Tears do relieve emotional stress and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Tears are a demonstration of the feelings you have for that person. Allow yourself time to grieve and adjust to your new situation and always take time before making major decisions such as moving house.

Talking in complete confidence with someone, who is trained in supporting bereaved people, can be very helpful. Having the reassurance that your fears and anxieties are quite normal has proved to be a comfort to many thousands of bereaved people.

Arrange A Funeral

We will make all necessary arrangements with officiating clergy, cemeteries or crematoriums and assist you in the completion of documentation. You will receive confirmation of all arrangements and a detailed estimate of costs.