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The funeral service that caters for everyone’s needs

Your choices for the cremation or burial

When you have decided on either cremation or burial the following personal choices are available to you.

Funeral Officiate

There is normally a priest, minister or non-religious officiate who conducts the service on the day of the funeral. He or she will visit you to discuss with you what you would like in the service and details on the deceased. They will offer help and support at this time.

Your choice of coffin

We have a wide range of coffins available to you from the very simple to the elaborate, which you will be able to choose either from a catalogue or from our showroom. We supply bearers to carry the coffin, but if members of the family or friends would like to carry the coffin this can be arranged.

Arranging to visit the deceased

We have a chapel of rest where you can come and visit the deceased, this is a very personal decision and we are there to help you at this time. Clothes and personal belongings can be brought in for the deceased but certain materials and metals when it is a cremation cannot be used, please ask our advice on this. We do have a selection of robes which are acceptable to the relevant authorities.

Obituary notice

An obituary notice can be placed in a national or local newspaper, or a paper local to where the deceased lived in another town or city at some time. We can help you word and design your obituary.


Sometimes families wish to restrict the floral tributes to family members only, and request that donations to a chosen charity be an alternative. Sometimes the family request both and leave the decision to the sender.


If the family wish to restrict the floral tributes and request donations to a favourite charity you can send a cheque to us made out to the charity and we will forward it on for you and advise the family,or you may wish to make a donation on line through our obituary link.


After the funeral service you may wish to offer refreshments. You may wish to do this at your or the deceased’s home, or you may wish to hire a hall or room. You may also wish to have catering provided for you. Once you have decided what you would like we can help with the arrangements.

Service Stationery

Many people like to have an order of service printed for the funeral. We can help to advise on the content and have these printed for you.


When you arrange the funeral you will need to consider the following:

  • • Whether you will be having a motor hearse, a horse-drawn hearse or other vehicle of your choice.
  • • How many Limousines will be needed (most carry six people)
  • • Where the cortege will leave from
  • • Will it take a special route
  • • Where will you return to
  • • Will you require wheelchair access


Many people like to have a specific piece of music played on entering, during and leaving the service, this can be anything from traditional organ music to a CD supplied by yourself. Alternatively you may like a musician playing at the service. We will be happy to help and advise on this, some locations do have certain restrictions


During the service the officiate, a friend or relative may like to say a few words about the deceased or read a poem.

The cost of the funeral

When you have decided on all your choices we will give you an estimate of the cost. This is made up as follows:

  • • Professional services, liaison with third parties and personnel required to arrange the funeral and all our help and support.
  • • Collecting the deceased and bringing into our care.
  • • Presentation of the deceased in our chapel of rest.
  • • Hearse and one limousine including 4 bearers.
  • • The cost of the coffin or casket.
  • • Additional charges such as extra limousines, additional mileage and cremated remains casket.
  • • Payments made on your behalf, are known as disbursements. These include doctor’s fee, minister’s fee, and cremation fee etc.
  • • Payments for disbursements are requested before the day of the funeral.

The day of the funeral

We will be there to guide, help and support you through the day. We will ensure that the funeral proceeds on time and carry out all your instructions that have been previously arranged.

After the funeral

We are still here to give you any advice, help and support you may need.

Arrange A Funeral

We will make all necessary arrangements with officiating clergy, cemeteries or crematoriums and assist you in the completion of documentation. You will receive confirmation of all arrangements and a detailed estimate of costs.