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Cremation or Burial?


If you choose to have a cremation the funeral director will arrange for the necessary forms to be completed and signed by yourself. The doctor who attended the deceased during their illness will need to sign a Form 4 and a second doctor will have to sign a Form 5 which will either be done at the hospital or arranged by the funeral director. A fee is payable for these and will be paid on your behalf by the funeral director

In the case of a coroners post-mortem the Forms 4 and 5 are not required. Most cremations have a chapel service, but if you prefer you can have a service in church first and then follow on to the crematorium.


When you have a burial you can either have a service first at the church or by the graveside. If you have an existing grave we will need the deeds to the grave or some documents relating to the grave, if you do not have either of these we will help you. If you do not have an existing grave we will arrange the purchase of a new one.

There may be fees for:

  • • Purchasing a new grave
  • • Opening or digging the grave
  • • Removal & replacement of existing memorials

Whatever your choice of funeral the funeral director will make all the necessary arrangements.

Arrange A Funeral

We will make all necessary arrangements with officiating clergy, cemeteries or crematoriums and assist you in the completion of documentation. You will receive confirmation of all arrangements and a detailed estimate of costs.